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Atherton Mill

2000-2140 South Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28203


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Soul of South End

Noted as the first factory in Charlotte, the history of Atherton Mill dates back to 1920. With its remarkable history, the revitalization of Atherton has brought a resurgence to the South End with exciting retailers and restaurants, such as Anthropologie, Free People, O-Ku, Living Kitchen and Warby Parker. Atherton has evolved from a South End retail center, to a top Charlotte destination for dining, shopping and living – confirming Atherton as the soul of South End. The center is undergoing a major development with additional new retail and residential space poised to open in Summer 2019.

  • Home of Atherton Market - a Saturday market in the South End neighborhood featuring the best that the Piedmont region has to offer from small local farms and artisans
  • Opening in 2019: more than 60,000 SF of new retail and 346 residential units
  • New retail coming: West Elm, Indaco, Las Olas, CAVA, Eagle Food Hall, Paint Nail Bar, Drybar, The Golden Carrot
  • Lighted full-access to South Boulevard (26,000 VPD)
  • Situated along the LYNX Light Rail Blue Line (16,900 average daily trips)

Site Plan

Atherton Mill

  • Ground Level
  • Upper Level
Coming Available

# Retailer SF
5 Barry's Bootcamp 4,000
15 west elm 15,385
20 Cava 2,400
23 Paint Nail Bar 2,063
25 Eagle Food & Beer Hall 5,000
30 Golden Carrot 962
32 Drybar 1,600
43 Madewell 2,805
45 Sephora 4,164
53 Las Olas 1,487
55 Indaco 2,761
60 Summit Contracting Group 7,810
70 Living Kitchen 2,836
80 Anthropologie 8,659
85 Warby Parker 1,614
87 Free People 5,608
120 Vin Master 1,661
130 Not Just Coffee 1,500
140 EDENS 1,384
150 Big Ben Restaurant and Pub 2,732
155 Savory Spice 1,755
160 O-Ku 3,898
175 Alton Lane 1,291
180 Brideside 1,500
185 Available 700
190 Bookout Blooms 713
200 Atherton Market 1,644


Mile Radius: 1 MI Avg. HH Income: 89,836 Population: 19,217 No. of Households: 10,115
Mile Radius: 3 MI Avg. HH Income: 95,357 Population: 110,191 No. of Households: 50,233
Mile Radius: 5 MI Avg. HH Income: 86,773 Population: 240,201 No. of Households: 103,483


Mile Radius 1 MI3 MI5 MI
Population 19,217110,191240,201
No. of Households 10,11550,233103,483
Avg. HH Income $89,836$95,357$86,773
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Not Just Coffee, Your Beloved Daytime Barkeep Thumbnail

Not Just Coffee, Your Beloved Daytime Barkeep

Meet James Yoder, one half of the husband-wife duo, of Atherton’s Not Just Coffee in Charlotte, NC.
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Digitally Native Brand Connects in Real Life

We no longer shop for a product, we shop for a relationship with a brand.