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West Village, Atlanta GA | EDENS

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West Village

Irby and Cains Hill Parcels, Atlanta, GA


The Shopping Experience

Transcending generations, West Village gathers both longtime members and newcomers within the eclectic Buckhead community. Its storied legacy paves the way for new experiences that renew guests’ emotional connections to the place they’ve grown to love.

A respite from the urban pace, West Village embraces you with its thoughtfully curated selection of retail options of local favorites and emerging brands at Andrews Square and Buckhead Market Place. Each offers you moments to feel refreshed, inspired, and invested in the community spirit.

Natalie Sween Abt

Site Plan

West Village

  • West Village
  • Andrews Street Level
  • Andrews Upper Level
  • Buckhead Market Place
Coming Available

# Retailer SF
A Andrews Square 46,101
B Buckhead Marketplace 70,251
C Fit 9 3,560
D Born Baby 3,500
E Fire Hen 2,830
F Woody's CheeseSteaks 1,390
G Available 0
H Available 0


Mile Radius: 1 MI Avg. HH Income: 121,320 Population: 18,845 No. of Households: 10,839
Mile Radius: 3 MI Avg. HH Income: 134,788 Population: 126,430 No. of Households: 63,839
Mile Radius: 5 MI Avg. HH Income: 124,722 Population: 323,348 No. of Households: 155,688


Mile Radius 1 MI3 MI5 MI
Population 18,845126,430323,348
No. of Households 10,83963,839155,688
Avg. HH Income $121,320$134,788$124,722
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