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Met Miami - Whole Foods

299 SE 3rd Ave, Miami, FL 33131


The Shopping Experience

Urban Sophistication

A once business-centric district, Downtown Miami has transitioned to a bustling 24-hour city. Situated in the heart of the city, Met Miami is a home to thousands of residents in the vibrant community. Home to the only Whole Foods Market in Miami’s urban core, this impressive shopping destination 36,5000 SF of mixed-use space. The combination of urbanites and international visitors brings a sophisticated air to the city. As an urban hub, Met Miami offers a convenient place for locals and visitors alike to gather, shop and enjoy. 

  • Only Whole Foods in Miami’s Urban Core
  • Whole Foods opened January 2015 with record-breaking sales performance
  • Over 220,000 daytime population and over 80,000 residents in immediate trade area

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Met Miami - Whole Foods

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# Retailer SF
100 Whole Foods 36,500


Mile Radius: 1 MI Avg. HH Income: 96,665 Population: 58,482 No. of Households: 31,986
Mile Radius: 3 MI Avg. HH Income: 75,488 Population: 234,411 No. of Households: 105,288
Mile Radius: 5 MI Avg. HH Income: 71,072 Population: 482,234 No. of Households: 204,238


Mile Radius 1 MI3 MI5 MI
Population 58,482234,411482,234
No. of Households 31,986105,288204,238
Avg. HH Income $96,665$75,488$71,072
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