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Union Market District

550 Penn St, Washington, DC 20002


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Setting the Stage for Inclusive Prosperity

Union Market District is defined by people, passion and possibility. An urban village borne from the diversity of the dreams and energy of the nation’s capital, it serves as a true melting pot of old world heritage and new world opportunities.

From its roots as Centre Market, a fresh food venue established more than 200 years ago, Union Market has been a great unifier for DC. An authentic district that expands beyond its culinary origins to include an events space at Dock5, local and national retail, and hotel and residential use— creating a welcoming space that inspires engagement and conversation.

The Market at Union Market District is a host to more than 40 local artisans, as well as an energizing incubator space for aspiring entrepreneurs. It has become a living laboratory where creativity is inspired and ideas can launch into scalable businesses.  

As one of the most vibrant, diverse and thriving neighborhoods, Union Market District continues to develop as a place for creative minds and businesses to connect.

  • The Market proper features 40 local, regional and international vendors, including DC Empanadas, TaKorean, Rappahannock River Oysters, Lyon Bakery, Red Apron Butcher, Trickling Springs Creamery, Righteous Cheese and Buffalo & Bergen soda shop
  • Located approximately 1 mile from U.S. Capitol and a few blocks from New York Ave./Florida Ave. Gallaudet Metro Station
  • Adjacent to NoMa BID, an area of active urban revitalization
  • Traffic count: 80,000 cars per day on New York Avenue; 40,000 cars per day on Florida Avenue; 12,6000 cars per day on 6th Street

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Site Plan

Union Market District

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# Retailer SF
A Maurice Electric 0
B 550 Penn 0
C Cotton & Reed 3,300
D The Market 25,000
E Dock5 13,000
F Downtown Boxing Club 1,500
G 4th X Neal 0
I The Edison 0
J Blue Bottle Coffee 5,380
K Masseria 1,950
L Historic District 0
10 Red Apron Butcher Shop 800
20 Cordial Fine Wine And Beer 320
30 Trickling Springs Creamery 480
40 Almaala Farms 320
50 Toli Moli 300
55 Harvey's Market 530
60 District Fishwife 440
80 Bidwell 2,710
90 Salt & Sundry 1,300
100 Neopol Smokery 200
110 Peregrine Espresso 200
120 DC Mediterranean Corner 100
140 Takorean 190
200 Panorama Bakery 200
210 Sloppy Mama's BBQ 100
230 Available 100
240 Taste Lab 100
250 Gorsha 100
260 Available 100
300 Little Leaf 200
310 Lyon Bakery 100
320 On Toast 100
330 Rappahannock Oyster Bar 350
400 Calooska 100
410 Available 100
420 DC Empanadas 100
430 DC Dosa 100
440 Bazaar Spices 100
450 Puddin' 100
470 South Block 200
520 Haute Saison 100
530 Righteous Cheese 200
540 Teaism 100
550 B Doughnut 100
560 Matsukawaya 100
600 Al Volo 200
610 Available 50
620 Arepa Zone 100
630 Craft Kombucha 100
640 DC Sharp 200
650 Buffalo and Bergen 330


Mile Radius: 1 MI Avg. HH Income: 75,218 Population: 49,546 No. of Households: 21,177
Mile Radius: 3 MI Avg. HH Income: 79,751 Population: 369,960 No. of Households: 173,140
Mile Radius: 5 MI Avg. HH Income: 74,342 Population: 764,634 No. of Households: 340,819


Mile Radius 1 MI3 MI5 MI
Population 49,546369,960764,634
No. of Households 21,177173,140340,819
Avg. HH Income $109,276$115,385$108,627
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What Inclusive Urban Development Can Look Like

Inclusive prosperity is the idea that the opportunity and benefits of economic growth should be widely shared by all segments of society.
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Art: Collaborative Conversations Sparked by Social Media

Created exclusively for Washington, DC and Union Market, Yoko Ono’s new work “RELAX. YOUR HEART IS STRONGER THAN WHAT YOU THINK !” compels us to step outside of our everyday lives and consider the power of the heart over the restrictions of the mind.